Tuesday, 8 February 2011

More location research: Wembley Park and Kilburn

Yesterday, Nat, Will, Perri and I went around London to find some more locations.  Ed and Matt were both unavailable that day.

We started at our furthest chosen location in the North West of London; Wembley Park.  We were trying to find a specific estate in Wembley that was marked on the Parkour hotspots map; but we could not locate it for some reason.  We did, however, wander through Wembley and we took photos of various railings, balconies and steps that had some potential.

After Wembley, we took the tube to our next destination; Kilburn Park.  As soon as we left the station, we could find some areas of great potential for a parkour.  Kilburn already reflected the urban environment with plenty of terrain for a chase.

After a look around the central area of Kilburn and a cup of coffee, we took a walk down Springfield Lane, where we found a cluster of council estates.

We were all very satisfied with the council estate of Kilburn.  It had buildings of varying heights, and plenty of railings; there was also a pen for playing sports.  There were also steps so we could go to different levels within the estate.  We also liked the road that runs under the estate as this could provide a dead end for our protagonist to be chased into before the final showdown.

After visiting Kilburn Park, we were so taken by it that we decided that this is where will will shoot our piece.  It captures the inner-city look that is integral to parkour, and it also provides many obstacles for our runner to overcome and to make this chase as exciting as we can.  The next stage of this project is storyboarding and we will use these photos as reference for storyboarding the piece and deciding how the runner will get through this environment.

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