Saturday, 26 March 2011

Compositing the creature: Shot 6

In the post production process, we needed to composite the creature into each shot.  This also involved the use of lighting and shadow to blend the creature in with the rest of the scene.  We were each given some shots to composite, based on the blockouts of the scene and the lighting that had been set up by Matt.

The shots that I was given were, shot 6; which is where the creature emerges from the manhole, and shot 19; in which the creature chases Richard around a corner.

The first that I will talk through is shot 6.  Here is the original video.
And here is a screenshot of the animation in Maya that I had to integrate into this scene.
I rendered the Maya Animation out in mental ray and I then imported it into After Effects with the live action footage.
The thing about this shot is that I needed to make it look as if this creature was emerging from a hole, as opposed to off camera.  I needed to create a hole for this creature to emerge from.  In order to create this hole, I simply created a mask in the live action footage in the area of the manhole.
I then feathered the mask so the hole wasn't too rigid.  At the moment, the hole just looks black and doesn't have any depth.  In order to fix this, I looked for an image of inside the manhole to put under the masked layer, so that it looked like it led to a sewer or somewhere.  I came across this image.
I put this image under the live action footage and around the mask.  I then applied a colour correction in order for this image to fit in with the scene and here is how it looked.
Here is the final composited shot.

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