Sunday, 27 March 2011

The end

With the project nearly done, I was given the job of putting together the end credits.  Initially, some members of the group suggested that I just do a "Created by..." credit and leave it at that, but I thought it would be good if I listed each of our jobs/contributions within the project.  I started by typing out the credits in TextEdit, while confirming with the rest of my group who did which job.
Im Adobe Premier, I started copying the credits into title stills, which we decided would appear in the Helvetica font.
When we were filming the green screen sequence, we did quite a lot of filming of us just mucking around, so we decided that this would look good alongside the credits.  I went through this footage in Premier and selected a few clips to go against the credits and then exported that to another sequence.
Next, I imported this video into the credit sequence and I then scaled the video down and placed it right next to the credits.  I made the length of the credits slightly longer, so that the video would fit around them and keyed it so the video fades towards the end of the credits.  This is an example of very basic compositing to get our credits done.  Here is the outcome.

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