Thursday, 17 March 2011

Richard drops

Another shot that I was given to composite was a shot of Richard dropping from a massive jump down a flight of stairs.  Producing this composition involved layering a green screen shot of Richard jumping from a chair, with a CG shot of the staircase and floor that he eventually lands on.

Here is the green screen footage and a rendered close up of the staircase.

There is some very recognisable camera movement in the video, particularly when he lands.  I decided that I would motion track it in Match Mover.  Here is a shot of the sequence in Match Mover.
Match Mover seemed to track the camera movement fairly efficiently.  However, when I exported the motion tracking to a camera in Maya.  I found that the camera just remained static; the camera movements were not significant enough to be applied to the camera.  Instead, I just went straight into After Effects and composited the live action and CGI together.  I also applied masks around the tape on the green screen, to make them invisible.

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